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About Us

Wildcat Dispatching, LLC is a family owned business dedicated to providing personalized, reliable, professional dispatching services and back office support to Owner Operators and small Fleet Owners.
We bridge the gap between drivers and brokers.
Our services allow you to focus on driving while we take care of the rest.
We offer an affordable rate with no hidden fees and provide rate negotiation to keep the most money possible in your wallet.
We give the power back to the driver by practicing open communication.
You always have the final say in: an acceptable rate, how far you want to travel and what area you want to drive.
We are here for you! Wildcat Dispatching, LLC wants to make your job as easy as possible because we all know driving over the road is a very difficult and strenuous profession.
Give us a call! I would be happy to speak to you myself.
Kendra Carstensen</br>Founder/Dispatcher

Kendra Carstensen

Savannah Piceno</br>Daughter/Dispatcher

Savannah Piceno

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